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Thank you! We look forward to working with you.


By agreeing to our service estimate/ contract, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Gold Duck Services wants all of our customers to have an exceptional experience. We are providing a service to you, the customer, and believe it is important for each potential customer to be informed of our expectations in order to meet yours.

When performing this type of service there are several things the customer should know in advance. To begin with, any flaw, blemish or existing oxidation will be more noticeable once the surface has been cleaned. Oxidation is a process that causes a white powdery substance commonly found on siding and is the result of sun exposure or the lack of proper maintenance. This is NOT a result of the chemical solution utilized in our soft washing application. Customers should also be aware of weep holes in siding. These are small holes on the bottom of the siding, which have been placed there by the manufacturer for ventilation. Over time, dirt and grime can build up in these holes and behind the siding. After washing the surface, water may continue to drain from these holes leaving a small area of brown discoloration. This is NOT a permanent stain and will easily rinse off with a garden hose. If the runs from the weep holes are determined to be excessive, please contact our office so we can assess the situation.

At the time of the estimate, Gold Duck Services will make every effort to point out and document areas of concern, pre-existing damage, or oxidation. It is not always possible to see every flaw and it is the owner’s responsibility to address any concerns they might have at the time of the estimate, or prior to Gold Duck Services beginning work.

**Gutter Brightening is a separate option that can be purchased with a house wash. Gutter brightening refers to the painted exterior surface, not leaves and debris on the inside. Debris can be removed from the inside of the gutter for an additional fee. Gutters with gutter guards are more labor-intensive and incur an additional charge.

**Window Cleaning is a separate option that can be purchased with a house wash or separately as an individual service. During a standard house wash, the windows will be cleaned in the same manner as the rest of the exterior, and spotting may occur on windows due to hard water. Unless exterior window cleaning is part of the contract, Gold Duck Services will not be responsible for window spotting caused during the course of exterior washing. Gold Duck Services does clean the interior windows for and additional charge.

Roof Washing- After Gold Duck Services completes a roof wash, the customer must understand immediate results will vary. Generally, growth will have a black appearance on an untreated roof. Once the application has been made, the dead growth will turn brown. Our system is guaranteed to kill all bacteria, algae and other growth; however, depending on the amount of buildup, it might take some time for all of the debris to fall off. In the event the brown debris is still on the roof, please allow 6-8 weeks for the process to naturally complete itself. If the remnants are still there after 6-8 weeks, contact the company for a follow-up inspection.

Color and Tone Concerns- The properties and species of wood, age of the wood, and the effects of weather over time can greatly affect the resulting color or tone of the stain. Note: variances may occur on individual boards well as a total project as densities and other characteristics vary across and throughout the wood. Gold Duck Services will attempt to represent the final finish color and tones as best as possible. While we can often give you an idea of the overall color or tone, you must expect some variance in the overall finish.

Stains- Some stains cannot be removed by power washing. Tree sap, artillery fungus, splatters from stains and paints are examples of materials that cannot be removed by conventional means. We make every attempt to point these areas out to the customer when quoting the project. Sometimes these stains cannot be removed at all.

Customer Expectations- Please allow access to at least one working exterior water spigot and at least one functioning electrical outlet.
Please ensure all doors and windows are shut tightly.
Please remove all window screens to maximize effects of window cleaning.
Please do not allow children, family members or other people, or pets in the work zone during cleaning.
Please allow 24hrs from washing before allowing children and pets into areas where runoff from power washing may have occurred.
Please remove all sensitive items such as door mats, flags and vehicles from the immediate area.
Please avoid using water during the cleaning process to avoid loss of pressure or volume.

Legally Binding Agreement- By accepting this estimate/ contract with Gold Duck Services, you are signing a legally binding contract for work to be completed at an agreed upon price. In the event that you break this contract, all deposits made to the company shall be surrendered as damages.

Water Usage- By signing this agreement, you agree to provide Gold Duck Services the right to use an on-site water supply as needed to complete the stated project without compensation. If an exterior water supply is required, it will be at an additional charge. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the water supply is on and in working order before we arrive. Additional charges will be applied if water is not available.

Electrical Usage- By signing this agreement, you agree to provide Gold Duck Services the right to use an on-site source of electricity as needed to complete the stated project without compensation. If an exterior source is required it will be at an additional charge.

Safety- While Gold Duck Services is on location and performing work on your property, you are responsible for keeping all children and pets, as well as other individuals away from the work area. Children and pets must be kept off the work surface for at least 24 hours after our work is completed.

Payments- Payments to Gold Duck Services are due upon completion of the work. Any variance to this policy must be agreed upon and in writing on our contract. Any account past due more than 7 days will incur a 15% late charge. After 30 days the account will go to collections. The customer agrees to pay any collection cost incurred by Gold Duck Services related to the collection process of outstanding balances. (At 21 days all discounts will be removed from the invoice / job description. If an invoice goes to 30 days past due the invoice & client will be sent to collections.)

Scheduling- Scheduling in a business which productivity relies upon the weather can be difficult. Inclement weather may affect scheduling. We try our best to keep scheduling conflicts to a minimum, however, circumstances that are beyond our control may affect your project start and completion dates. You will be notified of any changes.

Removal & Replacement of Deck Contents- Removal and replacement of grills, outdoor furniture and cushions, planters and any other decorative or functional items are the responsibility of the homeowner. Should we need to remove items from the deck, we will not be responsible for any damage, breakage, or for storage issues. An additional charge may be applied for time and labor devoted to the removal of these items.

Damages- Gold Duck Services will accept responsibility for damages that occur as a result of operator error, negligence, or willful neglect. Damages must be discovered and reported to Gold Duck Services within 3 days of completion of service. The company will have 30 days to correct the damage caused by negligence either itself or by an independent contractor.
Gold Duck Services is not responsible for damages due to improperly installed siding, loose shingles or siding, broken or opened windows, improperly sealed windows and doors, wood rot, defective construction, improperly secured wires, loose or improperly installed gutters and leaders and improper caulking. In every aluminum siding case and in some cases with vinyl siding, the sun and weather will bleach the color or cause fading. Power washing, which entails removal of chalky, gritty or failing surface materials may cause the faded aspects of the vinyl or aluminum to stand out. Gold Duck Services will not be responsible for such conditions, and will not be responsible for loose mortar that may dislodge during the cleaning process.
Gold Duck Services expects your property to be in good repair and weather tight. This includes, but is not limited to, all electrical service including receptacles and light fixtures. Doors and windows shall also be weather tight. Gold Duck Services is not responsible for damages as a result of water infiltration from poor or improper installation, maintenance or repair of electrical related items or doors or windows.

Early Termination Fees- By agreeing to these Term and Conditions you understand that Gold Duck Services is making a substantial investment and that early termination of this agreement will cause it to suffer financial losses that are difficult to precisely quantify. You agree that the early termination fees provided under this Agreement are a reasonable estimate of harm and not a penalty.

Please Note:

•**All New Holiday Lighting Installations require a 75% Non-Refundable deposit for cost of materials.**

•**All Residential Window Cleaning / Power Washing Services over the amount $1,000.00 require a 30% Non-Refundable Deposit for cost of materials.**

•**All Commercial Window Cleaning / Power Washing Services require a 30% Non-Refundable Deposit for cost of materials.**

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